Fur Care


We love to breathe new life into dated styles.  When properly looked after, your fur garment can last for decades, but tastes do change. We would be delighted to create something entirely new from your existing garment.  Condition of an older piece is key to what can then be created. Click here to get in touch 

Care & Cleaning

Your Chasseur fur shouldn’t require any rigorous cleaning.  If something spills on it, immediately wipe with a damp, clean cloth.  If your fur gets wet, allow it to dry naturally then gently brush it with a soft, natural-bristle brush.  Your fur may need professional steaming on an annual basis to refresh it, and if it does need cleaning, we can do that quickly and safely. Avoid exposure to any heat source, or prolonged time in the sun. When traveling, use a cotton or linen cover and tuck it into your luggage. Always trust a fur specialist to repair your fur garment.  We love our dry cleaner around the corner, but when your fur requires attention, please call us.


Always store your fur on a proper hanger in a temperature-controlled environment allowing it to breath.  Never keep your fur in a plastic cover or dry-cleaning bag.  During the summer months, it is important to properly store your fur at a consistent temperature and humidity.