What is the perfect candidate for Refabriquer?
Any fur that is generally in “good condition” meaning the pelt is still soft and supple with little wear or damage. Whether you have an entirely new style in mind, or simply a repair. No project is too small.

Are there types of fur that you don’t work with?
Most furs can be restyled, repaired or refreshed. Rabbit fur is perhaps the exception. Delicate furs such as chinchilla and sable require special attention.

How long does Refabriquer take?
Generally 4-6 weeks. We use the very same process as our Bespoke fur process. First we decide upon a style together, create a pattern, approve the fit then get started making your new garment.

How does the process work?
Once we agree that your piece is a good candidate for Refabriquer, we work with you to design the re-styled piece and ensure the fit. Then we completely take apart your garment including the lining, closures and all the structure hidden inside. We then repair or remove any damaged areas and completely clean and refresh the usable pelts before embarking on making a “new” garment.

How do I know what style to choose?
We would be delighted to help you with this process. Our fur designs are only a starting point. We recommend searching the Met archives, Pinterest, fashion magazines or other sources for inspiration.

Can I change the color of my fur?
Sadly, vintage or used fur cannot be dyed.

Can I make a blanket or pillows?
Yes! We love to make sumptuous throws or pillows from larger fur coats. We use gorgeous cashmeres or velvets for the backing and can provide many options.

What if my fur just needs minor repairs? How long does that take and what is involved?
If repairs are minor, we can usually complete them in a week or two. Your fur will be returned to you refreshed and ready to wear. We will contact you immediately if we find structural issues that require more work.

What happens when you reline a fur?
When we reline a jacket or coat, we remove the old lining and any interlining, structural materials like shoulder pads or felt, and fully inspect the garment for any needed repairs, clean and refresh the pelts, then reline in your choice of silk. We often use vintage Hermès silk for jackets and vests. We have a large selection, or you are very welcome to send us your own special silk.

How do I get started?
Please email us by clicking here. Please feel free to send us detailed images of your fur, including the interior. We typically do most of our Refabriquer work over the summer months when our workroom is less busy, but we are happy to schedule production throughout the year.

Why has my fur been rejected for Refabriquer?
If the pelts are dry or too damaged, there is very little we can suggest. We never suggest investing in creating a new garment if the raw materials won’t stand the test of time. If this is the case, we will recommend simple options such as tailoring the size, making minor repairs or a new lining. If the condition is just too far gone, we can provide options for donation so that your fur can be useful in wildlife refuges, or of course return the fur to you.

Do you sell Chasseur Refabriquer items?
Yes, on rare occasions we will make one of our designs using quality vintage pelts in excellent condition. While meant to provide an idea of what can be made from vintage fur, we will offer these pieces for sale from time to time at trunkshows or via Instagram. We do not, however, source vintage fur for custom projects.