Our Story

Founded in 2016, Chasseur was born of a love of timeless style. We are passionate about purity of form, and the marriage of form and function.

Our fur designs are elegant and sophisticated, reflecting a keen understanding of our clients lifestyles. While exquisite, they are meant to be a useful part of our everyday lives and withstand the test of time.  Each is unique and made by hand with love in our New York workroom. We only use the finest materials and have a keen focus on the details, employing the time-honored traditions of true craftsmanship.  Ours is a collaborative design process, which I hope our clients find to be nearly as much fun as wearing the final product.

Sometimes inspiration comes in the most unlikely of places. Raising my family in London, I spent winter school holidays skiing in Europe.  It was there that I became enchanted by the grand European tradition of style with purpose and in particular, the comfort, warmth and everyday glamour of fur.  Upon returning to the States, I designed an elegant mink jacket and a classic fur vest – pieces to keep me warm and hopefully chic. Those pieces led to more designs and eager requests from clients for custom pieces.  For some, it is timeless elegance fit for a ballgown, for others it is a field vest tailored for bird shooting, or a reversible coat that takes them effortlessly from rainstorm to boardroom to closing dinner.  

Our vintage collection is guided by these same enduring principles. Here you will find examples that are the finest in each métier, sourced from around the world.  From a 1960s Hermès pochette in pristine condition, to a lovely Austrian crystal brooch from the 1940s that is as sparkling today as it was when it was created decades ago. Our edited selection is intended to delight - filled with items that tell a story and will continue to do so for a lifetime to come.

From these early efforts, Chasseur was created… an independent, luxury business with an intense focus on quality and enduring style.