Custom fur garments recreated from family treasures or vintage finds. A grandmother’s gorgeous full-length mink that has been hanging in a closet unworn is transformed for a granddaughter who will love and enjoy it for many years to come. Or it could be as simple as a garment that just doesn’t fit, a style that feels too dated, or a piece that needs a new lining or minor repairs.

“I love the heritage aspect of reimagining a fur to be worn by another generation.”

— Patty Madara, founder of Chasseur

Why not reuse what we have, especially if it can be recreated into a beautiful garment to be enjoyed for decades to come? This is the ultimate alternative to disposable, fast-fashion, in particular synthetic fibers that end up in our water supply, endangering our earth and ultimately our health. Buying less quantity and buying better quality, investing in sustainable materials, committing to less waste - these are values that resonate today.

Chasseur uses time-honoured craftsmanship for all our Refabriquer projects. Our technical expertise combined with a thoughtful approach and creative design will result in a new and special piece that can be treasured for years.

To be accepted for Refabriquer, a fur must be in good condition as explained in our FAQs. We would love to hear from you to discuss your potential Refabriquer project. Please click here to email us directly.