"Fashions fade, style is eternal." - Yves Saint Laurent


Our atelier in NYC is open by appointment, please call (646) 524-6200 or email us at hello@chasseur.nyc to schedule a time.

Upcoming Events...
March 5:  NYC Special Event
March 20-21:  Atlanta at Ann Mashburn
April 18-19:  Georgetown at Ann Mashburn
April 23-24:  Houston at Ann Mashburn
Events Past...
February 12-13:  NYC at Chasseur
February 7-9:  Palm Beach at Casa Branca
December 18: NEW YORK at Chasseur
December 6+7: CHICAGO by appointment
December 3: Locust Valley
November 29+30:  GREENWICH with AERIN
November 16+17: NYC at Ann Mashburn
November 13-15: NYC at The Brick Church Fair
October 26: DALLAS at Ellis-Hill

October 27+28: DALLAS at Beretta

October 7+8:  EAST HAMPTON at AERIN

October 4+5: HOUSTON at Ann Masburn

September 21+22: GEORGETOWN at Ann Mashburn

September 26-27:  NYC Private Residence

September 12+13: FORT WORTH

September 14+15: DALLAS at Ann Mashburn

July 12-14:  CAPE COD at Wianno Club in Osterville

July 6+7:  ASPEN Private Home

April 20+21:  ATLANTA at Ann Mashburn

April 26+27:  NEW YORK with Charlotte Moss